Monthly Archives: April 2009

Tax Rebate Available for Website Development


In early February, the Australian Government announced the creation of a temporary Small Business and General Business Tax Break that is designed to “help Australian businesses boost business investment, bolster economic activity and support Australian jobs.” Small businesses that have an annual turnover of less than $2 million can claim a tax deduction of 10% […]

Melbourne Photo: Hula!


Welcome to the inaugural MadCowGirl photo of the month blog… actually, not the first blog for the photo of the month section, my first blog ever! So please bear with me.

Nintendo’s Gameboy timeline


This great timeline of Nintendo’s handheld gaming device shows the progression from early single game units, through Game Boy to the DSi today. Of those who were a kid or kid at heart in 82, who could forget ‘Game & Watch’ – which now is a design that has been resurrected with the DS.

Organic search engine – it works!


Organic search engine marketing is a search engine-marketing tool that uses keyword research and relevant content strategies to put the website’s URL in the top listings of the search engine without being paid by the advertiser to do so. Surveys reveal that almost 70 percent of the net users’ traffic use Organic Search Engine results […]

Cost-Effective Options for Spam Prevention


Spam is becoming an increasingly annoying – and expensive – problem for small and medium-sized businesses. Just how much time do you and your employees spend sifting through spam emails? The statistics for typical companies are staggering:

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