Organic Search Engine – it works!

Organic search engine marketing is a search engine-marketing tool that uses keyword research and relevant content strategies to put the website’s URL in the top listings of the search engine without being paid by the advertiser to do so. Surveys reveal that almost 70 percent of the net users’ traffic use Organic Search Engine results to visit at least one …

Sam PascuaOrganic Search Engine – it works!

Australian Government Aims to Censor the Web

The internet should be the ultimate platform for free speech – a place where anyone, anywhere can share information with others. Unfortunately, in recent months the Australian government has set its sights on web censorship – an agenda more often aligned with that of more controlling governments, like those in China, Iran, and North Korea.

Sam PascuaAustralian Government Aims to Censor the Web

To Blog or Not to Blog

These days, it seems like almost everyone has a blog, from major multi-national corporations to your ten-year-old nephew. Internet marketing experts tout corporate blogs as a way to build relationships with customers and create brand loyalty, but you may be wondering whether a blog can really help your company. In these difficult financial times, when marketing budgets have been slashed …

Sam PascuaTo Blog or Not to Blog

Great new stats tool – Web Site Tracking

StatCounter has announce the launch of our new free Global Stats tool. The tool records market share of Search Engines, Browsers and Operating Systems including mobile. StatCounter Global Stats can be used to monitor issues such as: how Google’s new browser Chrome is doing against Microsoft Internet Explorer how the iPhone is succeeding against traditional market leader Nokia in the …

Sam PascuaGreat new stats tool – Web Site Tracking

Barfold Olives – From the ashes green shoots grow

  Barfold Olives is a long standing Design Industries client and the following audio output is worth a listen – Our support goes out to Pam, George, Jason and Sandra.

Sam PascuaBarfold Olives – From the ashes green shoots grow

BMW’s Checkmate

  Great move by a local BMW dealer in responding to a national Audi ad. Audi’s 2009 A4 ad on the left side of the street says “Your move, BMW.” Santa Monica BMW comes back with an M3 ad across the street that says “Checkmate.” Nice Move by BMW

Sam PascuaBMW’s Checkmate