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Helpful Tools for Webmasters


The webmaster tools offered by MSN, Google, and Yahoo! provide all the data you need to make your website as powerful and profitable as it can be. When used properly, they can minimize the time you spend on repetitive daily tasks and take the mystery out of search engine optimization. We’ve tested them all and […]

The Power of Copywriting


Too many online businesses focus solely on web design and development, enamoured with fancy layouts and bold graphics while virtually ignoring the text itself. And while it is true that today’s internet users rarely read a website from start to finish, content is – and always will be – king. The power of copywriting is […]

Search Engine marketing Glossary


Actual Cost per Click It is the amount paid by the advertiser to the PPC Ad Service provider for every click on the advertisement. This cost can be less than or equal to the maximum cost per click. In other words, it’s the cost which the advertiser pays to the PPC service provider in order […]



Great Australia initiative promoting Australian talent,

Google Street View on Training Wheels


Google Street View cars are going up and down streets around the world, recording images for use in Google Maps. But now Google is trying to expand its viewing capabilities by switching to tricycle-based cameras.

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