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iPhone Theme for Magento has been released.


Love it…….. More than a skin. It’s not just a simple Magento template – actually it’s a revolutionary hybrid of a superior theme and a full-value extension. We’ve enriched its functionality with AJAX cart and integrated advanced navigation. Say goodbye to annoying page reloads when adding items to cart or searching the store, and browse […]

Di Web Video Showreel


ShowreelVideo disabled

Why do we love Robots?


Why do we love robots? Perhaps it’s all the sci-fi movies we grew up with, maybe it is simply that they are so cool and have no limitation on design or function. They can stand for good and fight for justice; they can be the henchman of the mad scientist who wishes to take over […]

Web Designers vs Web Developers


Flexi Flats – Web Video for Magento Online Retail Web Store


In collabration with our new web video production team and Flexi Flats we are proud to announce that Di has produced it’s first web video. Flexi flatsVideo disabled

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