Who Is Joe Gubatanga?

Having been on the other end of the spectrum as a client Joe found himself with the opportunity to take the blue pill or the red pill. “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show …

Joe GubatangaWho Is Joe Gubatanga?

Who Is Peter Macdonald?

Super Hero skills From working at Mazda Australia for 11 years to Sensis for 13 years and most recently at CGU Insurance, Peter is now the new kid on the block as DI’s Atlassian Configuration Analyst. What he brings with years of experience working for large corporations he matches with his tremendous amount of knowledge in business processes. With his …

Joe GubatangaWho Is Peter Macdonald?
Iron Fist

Who Is Michael Dockery?

What do Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs & Michael Dockery all have in common? Well we can think of a couple things: hard working and no college degree… Not to say further education isn’t necessary or vital to expanding one’s opportunities but Michael with his sheer determination and highly confident approach to life has seen him co-founded Design Industries. …

Joe GubatangaWho Is Michael Dockery?

Who Is Sam Pascua?

Whilst living and working in Spain as a Graphic Designer Sam was invited to join Design Industries as a partner by three of his school friends. From having worked as a waiter/bartender to a customer service/bank teller Sam then went on to pursue his interest with technology. Studying Design & Multimedia Communication in a private college in Madrid and then …

Joe GubatangaWho Is Sam Pascua?

Who is Gabriel Garcia?

For almost 10 years Gabriel Garcia or more commonly known around the office as ‘Gaby’ has honoured us with his presence. By stumbling upon a job vacancy for Design Industries on an IT Board Gaby started as a Software Developer – 5 years on and he then progressed to Software Engineer – another 5 years on and Gaby still continues …

Joe GubatangaWho is Gabriel Garcia?
Steven Pask

Who is Steven Pask?

Whilst on the hunt for his next project Steven stumbled across Design Industries.  Having completed a Bachelor in Commerce and Administration and majoring in Marketing and International Business Steven has always immersed himself within the business sector work environment.  With experience as a Business Adviser in New Zealand to a Marketing & Business Manager in the UK and a National …

Joe GubatangaWho is Steven Pask?
Atlassian RoadTrip 2015

Atlassian RoadTrip 2015

The Atlassian RoadTrip 2015 Melbourne was a huge success, Project Manager’s from Atlassian even stating it was the best one yet with only 1 more to go. It was a busy day for all involved, Design Industries Ralph Braganza stated he was in the office by 8am and home just before midnight. Having attended the planned meetings and discussions throughout …

Joe GubatangaAtlassian RoadTrip 2015
Software engineering

Who is Camila Acosta?

Software engineering; the study of an application of engineering to the design, development, and maintenance of software. To most, this would leave people scratching their heads but to Camila this is a normal day at the office. Prior to joining the Design Industries team Camila had been freelancing as a .Net developer / Systems and Database designer. This has been going …

Joe GubatangaWho is Camila Acosta?
Atlassian Enterprise Experts

A little bit in love with Atlassian

Design Industries are now Atlassian Enterprise Experts We thought 2014 was wonderful, and it was. But 2015 is shaping up to be even better! 2014 was a huge Atlassian year, for one thing. A highlight was the Design Industries Atlassian Service Desk event we held at Albert Park. We even had experts flying in from San Francisco. It was a …

Michael DockeryA little bit in love with Atlassian