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Atlassian JIRA Service Desk event at The Point – Albert Park

The Point Albert Park

 Design Industries is hosting an Atlassian JIRA Service Desk event at The Point in Albert Park on Thursday 28 August.

JIRA Service Desk builds on ten years of JIRA innovation and solid marketplace testing to provide advanced service desk capability, that can improve every every corner of your organisation. At this event, experts will share their knowledge about using JIRA Service Desk for higher customer satisfaction, seamless task prioritisation and effective SLA management.

Register now to join us for insights and inspiration from DI’s Michael Dockery and Atlassian Senior Product Manager Edwin Wong – and take customer service to the next level.

JIRA Service Desk helps customers speak your language

JIRA Service Desk


Powered by Atlassian and working for your customers – and your team – JIRA Service desk builds on ten years of JIRA innovation and solid marketplace testing to provide a robust and productive advanced service desk capability. Tap into the Atlassian’s automated and customisable approach to customer service management – the perfect add-on to enhance the productivity of your IT service team.

Design Industries and Atlassian’s JIRA Service Desk

Atlassian Experts Design Industries have been recommending JIRA Service Desk since it first came onto the market.

Sam Pascua of DI says, ‘When we work customers to implement JIRA Service Desk, the results always exceed expectations.’

Michael Dockery, who co-founded DI with Pascua, will be speaking about JIRA Service Desk at a one day event on 28 August in Melbourne, hosted by DI and providing insights and inspiration for implementing JIRA Service Desk in your organisation.

Customer requests – in customer language

JIRA Service Desk is specifically designed to remove the communication disconnect between customers and service teams. For your customers, asking for help is as easy as it’s ever been (perhaps even easier!) The JIRA Service Desk enables plain language intuitive service requests. JIRA Service Desk also provides links to recommended, related knowledgebase articles – for self service options that will free up your queues and satisfy your customers even more quickly. 

Customer service agents – meanwhile – are able to view, prioritise and manage tasks in a way that makes their job easier. Getting the request in front of the right team member – and answered efficiently – is now standard practice. Forget cumbersome manual triage and prioritisation.


Prioritise tasks

Even the most efficient service desk is overwhelmed by service requests sometimes. JIRA’s automated task prioritisation ensures your task assignment and response times are better than ever.

Tasks are assigned in real time to queues that align with your SLAs. And your SLAs are fully reportable. With advanced SLA metrics straight out of the box, or customised to your business with the help of a team of JIRA Service Desk experts.

Are you ready to take your service desk to the next level?

Register for our 1 day event on 28 August to find out about using JIRA Service Desk for higher customer satisfaction, seamless task prioritisation and effective SLA management. You might just find that adding JIRA Service Desk to your organisation’s toolkit is the best way to move past the trends and bottlenecks that have been holding you back.

Register here

Who is Ben Brooker?


‘I’ve used JIRA and Confluence for about six weeks in a previous job. I thought I knew them pretty well but after being here just one day I was quite overwhelmed about how powerful the Atlassian suite is.’

Design Industries’ newest employee is Ben Brooker, a Digital Account Manager. He started work with DI on 4 August and we spoke to him just four days into the job.

In his previous role, Ben was a digital Business Analyst. His job involved ‘gathering requirements, lots of wireframes, UX design, look and feel then creating use cases’. He also worked with the design team to ensure branding and identity guidelines were followed. 


Atlassian Summit 2014 – what’s making mouths water at DI?


‘I can’t wait to be surrounded by all the Atlassian Hoo Ha.’

That’s what DI’s Sam Pascua said recently, about the Atlassian Summit 2014 event scheduled for 9, 10 and 11 September in San Jose, California.

He’s going, this year. As Atlassian Experts, Design Industries will definitely have a presence at the summit. The event’s website says that ‘Summit is designed for those who drive their teams to greatness’.


JIRA Workflow in every corner of your business

Jira Workflow

Atlassian tools were famously built for development teams. The Atlassian approach to creating products has always begun with a desire to improve the lives of developers, testers and software development project managers. JIRA Workflow gives dev teams better ways to plan, collaborate, communicate and ultimately, deliver.

Over time – and sometimes hardly any time at all – tools like JIRA Workflow that were originally marketed to the development teams in organisations, have been adopted by other teams within businesses. Teams like Human Resources, for example.

Results? No kidding.

The anatomy of JIRA Workflow

Two key concepts for Workflow in JIRA are ‘status’ and ‘transition’. In fact they’re names for something you already understand intuitively.

  • A status is the state an issue is in at a particular point in a process or workflow. It might be in development, development complete, in review, closed, etc. Other words you might use for what JIRA calls an issue might be ‘task’ or ‘deliverable’. A workflow is, after all, a way of representing real work that’s on a journey to completion.
  • A transition is a link between two statuses, for example ‘send to review’, ‘start development’, etc.


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