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Australians love shopping on Magento websites

You may have seen the news about the steady increase of online shopping in Australia. Perhaps you’re even feeling it first hand, with increased traffic and sales. Roy Morgan Research in June 2013 revealed that for the previous three months, more than 50 percent of Australians shopped online. If you’re working with the Magento eCommerce […]

The Right Tool for the Trend: Magento and Your Online Store

With recent news that Australians are spending more and more of their retail dollars online, savvy retailers are looking to invest in eCommerce technology solutions that will ensure a great return on investment plus allow for expansion and customisation to help them meet a bright online future. According to the Roy Morgan Research released on […]

Keep your customers coming back for more, with Zendesk

Poor customer service is a great way to lose customers. And even the best customer service tools can be ineffective unless they align with the overall business and customer satisfaction goals of your site. At Design Industries, our Zendesk consultants know that getting it right means getting the right advice- and our advice is based […]

Ready to do more than scratch the surface with Zendesk?

It’s pretty much the most sophisticated support tool around. Can we say that? Well, we’re saying it anyway.  Zendesk is a very sophisticated support platform, and it’s also beautifully simple. And with Zendesk Apps and integration capabilities, you have better options than ever for customisation and integration with your existing online systems and databases. But […]

Great customer service – who needs it?

So, the great thing about having an online or offline shop is that it lets people just buy stuff without bothering you, right? Wrong! If you’re selling from an eCommerce platform, your customer service (CS) can be critically important. In concrete retail, a customer will hail a service assistant if they have a query about […]

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