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Australian Red Cross Blood Service Intranet

  • Project management and strategic advice
  • Migration to SharePoint
  • Support and software development roadmap

The Brief

Hundreds of thousands of Australians donate blood at Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS) facilities each year. The Blood Service is a complex national organisation, with thousands of staff, all of whom use the intranet in their roles. The old content management system (CMS) no longer had the flexibility and functionality to serve the needs of a growing intranet and badly needed an upgrade. It was time to migrate the intranet to a new platform.

Inevitably, the ARCBS also had a content problem. A natural but unfortunate by-product of an engaging, useful intranet is that over time the information architecture (IA) can get out of control. The organisation changes, too. Housekeeping tasks such as IA reviews are a fact of life for any large website, over time.

The ARCBS intranet – a critically important knowledge sharing tool – had reached a point where information was hard to find and harder to keep up to date. Definitely time for an overhaul.

Design Industries (DI) took on a project management role, coordinating internal and external providers required to deliver the solution while reviewing the intranet’s information architecture, coordinating the vendor selection process for a new CMS and migrating the intranet across to its new home. With new technology in place, ARCBS would need ongoing support to maintain the health of their intranet. They also had a vision of ongoing improvement for the intranet and needed a plan to help them make that happen.

“We’re software platform agnostic, which means we’ll recommend the right platform for a particular customer.”

The Strategy and Solution

Design Industries worked closely with a diverse range of stakeholders in the ARCBS to ensure the end result met the requirements of everybody involved. Bringing this large project home was a well-coordinated effort. Design Industries navigated successfully to deliver a new intranet platform, managing multiple stakeholders from within the organisation.

Requirements gathering and signoff across the marketing team, designers, content team, IT and others meant there were challenges around achieving agreement in some areas. Design Industries capabilities in project management and stakeholder engagement ensured the process was smooth.

SharePoint was chosen as the ideal collaboration tool for the Blood Service intranet upgrade. Design Industries was perfectly positioned to provide strategic input and advice to the Blood Service, coordinating the platform vendor selection process, ensuring the project would run smoothly. The choice of SharePoint was informed by the specific needs of the organisation. With its powerful collaboration focus, advanced social functionality and powerful search, SharePoint was a great choice for the ARCBS.


DI’s Michael Dockery: ‘We’re software platform agnostic, which means we’ll recommend the right platform for a particular customer, based on what we know about their requirements and their future plans.’

The IA review ensured that the new site’s structure and navigation met the needs of its users, now and into the future. A review of information architecture looks at content on the site, how it’s used, who uses it and other metrics such as frequency of use and the content’s age. The result for the client is an updated – and much more effective – navigation model with better paths to content.

With SharePoint implemented into the environment, Design Industries trained users and continued to provide support to the content team.

For this project, Design Industries also worked with the ARCBS to develop a software development roadmap, ensuring the ARCBS vision of continuous improvement for their users was able to be implemented on the new SharePoint site over time.


ARCBS was provided with a robust implementation of a new SharePoint intranet platform, optimised for collaboration, knowledge sharing and the management of a large volume of knowledge. Design Industries provided training so it is easy for the content team and contributors to keep the vast array of content fresh and relevant.

A software development roadmap lays out a series of staged releases of additional functionality, ensuring continuous improvement of the site’s functionality, enabling the Blood Service to make use of all that SharePoint has to offer.

Ongoing support gives ARCBS the confidence to continue to make the most of their intranet, ensuring it meets the needs of their thousands of users as they serve over half a million blood donors in Australia each year.

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0- blood is the only blood type that can safely be given to any patient - whatever their blood type.
0- blood is the only blood type that can safely be given to any patient – whatever their blood type.
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