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Baby Bunting

The Brief

Baby Bunting is one of Australia’s leading brands for baby products. Selling everything from prams and cribs to clothing and toys, Baby Bunting aims to be a one-stop-shop for baby-related products. Its extensive website complements its nationwide network of physical stores.

While Baby Bunting wanted to be Australia’s number one baby retail brand and leading online seller, their website only had the ability to sell a small portion of their extensive and improved product range of over 8,000 types of items. This capacity needed to be extended.

Baby Bunting needed a betterand more effective e-commerce system that could be fully integrated with its marketing and social media efforts. The existing site did not provide a complete integration solution with their backend retail management system ITVisons POS and ERP System.

The brief was to offer more products online, a far better customer experience and an integrated social media campaign. The new online enterprise rollout needed to maintain the established high standing of their brand. It needed to be an aesthetic and functional fit for users – nurturing, warm and trustworthy – and complimentary to its existing branding and physical stores.

The new Magento Enterprise rollout needed to maintain the established high standing of the Baby Bunting brand.

The Strategy and Solution

Design Industries worked closely with stakeholders at Baby Bunting to ensure the end result met their expectations on both a sales and marketing side as well as from a customer service and experience perspective. Design Industries maintained the look and feel of Baby Bunting’s carefully thought-out brand while modernising the online brand by improving and enhancing the website’s core functionality.

The team built the new site around Magento Enterprise, an incredibly powerful e-commerce system. We customised Magento Enterprise to meet Baby Bunting’s unique needs, identifying which combinations of features would provide the strongest solution for the growing company. The resulting website is fully integrated with the company’s stock management retail system with powerful reporting tools, SEO-friendly text and a PCI-compliment payment gateway. The solution was optimised to work across mobile platforms to cater for growing demand of access from mobile devices.


The online store was integrated with Baby Bunting’s retail management systems (RMS), by ITVisions, to streamline the processing of transactions, inventory and reports. Integrating ITVisions with the new website kept pricing and stock availability on the website, stores and warehouses up-to-date and aligned. Other integrations included social media applications, third party modules and with Google products – all of which improved their ability to achieve their sales and marketing objectives.

Baby Bunting was provided a complete content management system, meaning it is easy to update the site content and add, modify and delete products as the company’s product offerings change over time. The site is also fully integrated with an e-newsletter campaign system for manageable, targeted and effective communications with current and prospective customers.


Upon release of the updated Baby Bunting site, traffic and conversion rates all increased and growth and have continued to grow.

Feedback from both the client and their customers was overwhelmingly positive – the more user-friendly interface was a success. The more comprehensive range of functions (including newsletters, store locations, social media integrations, vouchers and previous order recall) improved efficiency, sales processes and enhanced the user experience.

In particular, because the website was now fully integrated with the retail management systems manual data entry was reduced while an easier flow of information and data measurement was created. As a result the updated site enabled Baby Bunting management and staff to focus on what their customers wanted.

User-friendly reports on all the website statistics can be easily allowing the company to analyse site visits and identify ways to improve the shopping experience. The flexibility and robust performance of the new site ensured that Baby Bunting maintains a strong position in the competitive market for baby products.

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The baby products market in Australia is worth an estimated $80 billion.
The baby products market in Australia is worth an estimated $80 billion.
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