Getting MeeMeep moving: start-up launch

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The Brief

MeeMeep was an exciting online start-up for which Design Industries were engaged as key partners from start to finish.

The idea was to create an innovative platform for ‘moving’ goods by helping users who need items delivered connect with other users who would bid to deliver those items.

It was envisaged as a type of collaborative consumption: a peer-to-peer social network connecting people who want stuff moved with people that were on the move. The idea is to capitalise on the unused capacity in everyday travel. Users will save money in situations where the cost and inconvenience of engaging a courier would be prohibitive by using someone who is going that way already.

While the idea was relatively simple, for this startup to succeed, the execution was crucial. Design Industries was involved in every aspect of getting the business ready for launch from strategic advice, design and development to project management and negotiation with third parties.

If you need something moved why not use someone who is going that way already?

The Strategy and Solution

Design Industries managed the project from concept to completion from developing, building and preparing the system for launch while facilitating the client’s vision and continues to provide ongoing support and development.

To connect people and ensure MeeMeep’s influence spread, the system needed to function intuitively and smoothly. Built using the latest web technologies, MeeMeep offers users a sophisticated, user-intuitive experience and a powerful range of functions. Including:

  • Registration functions for requiring items moved or offering delivery services (availabilities and routes).
  • Bidding facilities and functions to view and rate movers.


  • Financial transactions are facilitated between registered users, collecting, holding and dispersing funds upon successful completion. PCI compliance, user security and privacy precautions were implemented
  • Social media integration allows users to share their MeeMeep experiences via Facebook, Twitter, Get Satisfaction and other social media services.
  • Monitors to protect user safety and privacy were put in place. Features to facilitate mediation in disputes and action against improper use.
  • Extensive market research and user acceptance testing helped refine the idea and execution.


The result was a contemporary, fresh and striking system which communicates to a savvy audience.

Not just another online service, MeeMeep taps into and creates a platform for connecting people-to-people – cutting out the middle man.

Since launching, MeeMeep has received a lot of media praise and its user base continues to grow.

Applying apt commercial strategy across the whole process, we didn’t just design a website: we designed a business geared for commercial success.

Rather than competing in an existing market, the project was creating a new one, a true ‘game changer’. was a trailblazer of collaborative consumption – a growing trend and becoming more relevant.

The challenge for MeeMeep was building a critical mass of users. Design Industries created strong infrastructure to facilitate a growing number of users. The combination of its strong user intuitive experience, robust technical foundation and astute social media marketing means Meemeep will continue to grow.

Staying in beta mode so that it can continue to be improved and evolved, Design Industries remains involved in ongoing support, maintenance and further development.

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Collaborative consumption (where peer-to peer-platforms such as MeeMeep facilitate sharing and trading) was named by Time Magazine as one of 10 ideas that’ll change the world.
Collaborative consumption (where peer-to peer-platforms such as MeeMeep facilitate sharing and trading) was named by Time Magazine as one of 10 ideas that’ll change the world.