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eBay Agrees to Acquire Magento


The past several years have been an amazing journey for Magento, as we’ve grown from a new open source platform into an eCommerce leader. Along the way, we’ve built not only a platform, but a company and a worldwide community. Together, we’ve identified opportunities, taken risks, innovated, struggled, succeeded, and changed the face of eCommerce. […]

Is Magento the right eCommerce platform for your online buisness?


When Magento was released in early 2008, it was met with excitement and interest from e-commerce site developers around the world. It quickly became the preferred software option for mid-range ecommerce sites due to its powerful administrative features and functionality. As Armando Roggio states on www.practicalecommerce.com, “Magento’s feature list is clearly the result of years […]

SeeSaw Design – WordPress Blog


We are lucky enough to share a building with the very talented team at Seesaw Design. Seesaw approached Design Industries to help with the build of their new blog system.

League Gothic


The League of Moveable Type has release a great new open source font; League Gothic. League Gothic is a revival of an old classic, and one of our favorite typefaces, Alternate Gothic No.1. It was originally designed by Morris Fuller Benton for the American Type Founders Company (ATF) in 1903. The company went bankrupt in […]

The Hidden Cost of Using Microsoft Software


Glyn Moody writes “Detractors of free software like to point out it’s not really ‘free,’ and claim that its Total Cost of Ownership is often comparable with closed-source solutions if you take everything into account. And yet, despite their enthusiasm for including all the costs, they never include a very real extra that users of […]

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