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Di Web Video Showreel


ShowreelVideo disabled

Flexi Flats – Web Video for Magento Online Retail Web Store


In collabration with our new web video production team and Flexi Flats we are proud to announce that Di has produced it’s first web video. Flexi flatsVideo disabled

Flexi Flats Magento eCommerce Website Film Shoot


A selection of photos from a  film session with DreamChild Productions the other day at the Di office for a joint client Flexi Flats

Generation Rescue – Autism is Reversible


This has nothing to do with the web industry, however it was such a poitive message of hope that i thought I need to share with as many people as possible, hopefully it will help someone out there. http://www.generationrescue.org/ http://www.defeatautismnow.com/ “AUTISM YESTERDAY” Autism is Reversible from JB Handley on Vimeo.

Beautiful commercial / film for Johnnie Walker


  SleepingCowboysTV on Vimeo.

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