The Power of Copywriting

Too many online businesses focus solely on web design and development, enamoured with fancy layouts and bold graphics while virtually ignoring the text itself. And while it is true that today’s internet users rarely read a website from start to finish, content is – and always will be – king. The power of copywriting is most apparent in ecommerce, customer relationship management, and search engine optimisation.

If you run an ecommerce site, copywriting alone has the power to make or break your sale. Obviously the text on your landing page or product catalogue pages needs to describe your product and anticipate the questions that potential customers might have. But it also needs to go one step beyond that, providing a compelling argument for why someone should buy your product or service. A good copywriter understands the importance of analysing your target market, assessing their needs and desires, and writing copy that speaks directly to them. With the right copy, your sales will skyrocket, allowing you to quickly recover the initial costs of securing the copywriter’s services.

Good copywriting is also invaluable for customer relationship management. Building and maintaining strong relationships with your customers is critical when you seek recurring sales and word of mouth that promotes your products and services. The only way to build and maintain strong relationships with your customers is to send regular communication that is relevant, timely, and informative. You may not think that your company or organization is generating enough news for regular communication, but a talented copywriter can take virtually any product development and transform it into a fascinating piece of writing that speaks directly to your target market through a blog, e-newsletter, press release, website content, or another mode of online communication.

Finally, good copywriting can be an incredibly powerful tool for improving your site’s search engine optimization. By incorporating appropriate keywords and phrases into your website content, a good copywriter matches the search terms that potential customers are typing into Google and other search engines. As the number of matches increases, so do your search-engine rankings and your ability to reach out to new customers and maximize sales. An experienced copywriter knows how to walk the fine line between writing for search engines and writing for human readers.

At Design Industries, we work closely with copywriters – whether they are our clients’ employees or freelancers – to make sure that our web design and development efforts fully support and complement the copy on your website. Never underestimate the importance of copywriting and its power to transform your website into your business’s most powerful sales tool.

Sam PascuaThe Power of Copywriting