11 Actions of Successful Entrepreneurs & Start-ups

By July 9, 2012Blog, eCommerce
I am an entrepreneur

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur?

The entrepreneurial  spirit is booming: with start-ups springing up everywhere you look.

We know start-ups. Whatever your background, industry or product here are 11 actions you can take to be a successful entrepreneur:

  • Look for ways to make a difference
  • Solve problems
  • Take action
  • Look for learning and inspiration wherever you can
  • Interact with and help other would-be entrepreneurs
  • Embrace that one thing leads to another – the more you do the more you will do
  • Think strategy for profit – after all you are a business
  • Do what you love and what you think other people will love
  • Plan, plan, plan
  • Be agile and able to adapt
  • Add charisma, creativity, patience, the ability to sell, a commercial mind, work ethic, the determination of a bull

Good luck!

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