The Importance Of Upgrading

Why should I Upgrade/Update Whether it’s security patches; the dreaded ‘bug’ fixes; feature enhancements; or increased functionality there’s no escaping the fact that digital equipment and software will need to be upgraded over time. While some people may yearn for…
Joe Gubatanga
August 12, 2015

What Are Your Keywords Worth?

How much are your keywords worth? For many businesses, a key objective of online marketing is to rank as high as possible within the Google search engine. Whether it is through organic search results or paid advertising – a lot…
Joe Gubatanga
August 9, 2015

Five eCommerce Insights You Need Right Now

At a Glance Take home message: Online shoppers have clear patterns of usage on different devices.  Successful eCommerce strategies leverage these patterns into sales. Why read this blog post: You want your customers engaging with your products across multiple devices…
Joe Gubatanga
July 20, 2015

Atlassian Glossary in Plain English

Why you should bookmark this glossary Millions of people around the world love using Atlassian products – JIRA, Confluence, Service Desk, Hip Chat, Dev Tools - and all the add-ons that make these products even better. Not surprisingly, the Atlassian…
Joe Gubatanga
June 30, 2015

Atlassian JIRA & Confluence

The use of Atlassian's JIRA and Confluence combined will enable teams to manage projects seamlessly across both applications. Actions speak louder than words Be sure to book a spot to our Atlassian JIRA & Confluence Integration training session on Thursday 25th June,…
Joe Gubatanga
June 22, 2015

Atlassian RoadTrip 2015

The Atlassian RoadTrip 2015 Melbourne was a huge success, Project Manager's from Atlassian even stating it was the best one yet with only 1 more to go. It was a busy day for all involved, Design Industries Ralph Braganza stated…
Joe Gubatanga
April 9, 2015