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What Are Your Keywords Worth?

How much are your keywords worth? For many businesses, a key objective of online marketing is to rank as high as possible within the Google search engine. Whether it is through organic search results or paid advertising – a lot of the traction for Google’s algorithm is based on keywords and content. Frequent monitoring and updates of your businesses’ keywords …

Joe GubatangaWhat Are Your Keywords Worth?
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Stabbing in the dark and not finding the prize?

You need hard figures for real insights into who, how and why is using your website. Use analytics to measure and optimise web traffic and effectiveness. The “build it and they will come” mantra is fine for Kevin Costner but in the fierce environment of online operations it is fool hardy not to have strategy (informed by data) behind your …

Sam PascuaStabbing in the dark and not finding the prize?
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Tracking your Website with Google, Yahoo & Bing

Are you or your web manager tracking your site on the major search engines? We are big supporters of using Google Webmaster Tools, Bing’s Webmasters Tools and Yahoo Site Explorer to upload XML Sitemaps and track the ways the different search engines are indexing our own and our client’s sites. Google Webmaster Tools lets web managers control their Sitelinks which …

Sam PascuaTracking your Website with Google, Yahoo & Bing

How to Improve Your Social Media Presence

Social media is a large and mostly uncharted territory for a lot of businesses and organisations. We all may have a Facebook page, but how can we best utilise this resource to gain the most from it? As the world continues to focus on the internet as a source of information and marketing opportunities, everybody needs to start getting into …

Sam PascuaHow to Improve Your Social Media Presence

Search Engine Optimisation Tips

Create as much content on your site as possible. The more content, the better. Of course the content needs to be of good quality. Basically, a search engine will view a 50 page site to be more important than a 5 page site. Here are some ideas as to what can be used for additional content: Educational Content Adding useful …

Sam PascuaSearch Engine Optimisation Tips

Effectively Incorporating Social Media Applications into Your Business

If you have yet to play in the world of social media, then prepare to be overwhelmed at first. The number of websites, options and users in the field is astronomical and the figures continue to grow exponentially. Though overwhelming, the rapid growth of social media demonstrates its popularity in the modern world, as well as its importance for businesses …

Sam PascuaEffectively Incorporating Social Media Applications into Your Business

Top 10 E-mail Trends of 2009: Return Path

E-mail deliverability and reputation-management firm Return Path has released what it has deemed to be the top 10 e-mail trends of 2009. The Top 10 Emails Trends in 2009, according to Return Path, were: 1. Spam growth continued – Reports in early 2009 estimated daily spam volumes are more than 117 billion emails every day. In addition, image spam increased …

Sam PascuaTop 10 E-mail Trends of 2009: Return Path