Streamline: The Atlassian stack pre-configured for immediate use by any team

At a Glance Take home message: Your final reason for delaying the implementation of the Atlassian stack has just evaporated. It’s time to simplify project management; improve tracking; increase accountability; and build collaboration across your teams. Why read this post: You know you should be using the Atlassian stack. You also know it needs to be configured in the right …

Sam PascuaStreamline: The Atlassian stack pre-configured for immediate use by any team

Who is Min Yee Chin?

Going through the Atlassian Partners website is how Min Yee first came to know of Design Industries. We are lucky to have her come on board as she may just be a few months in as an Atlassian Configurator for DI but Min Yee has a total of 8 years experience working with the Atlassian stack. This includes but not …

Joe GubatangaWho is Min Yee Chin?

Who Is Elliot Vandermark?

The Junior Development Team or ‘JD’ team as we call it in the office plays a vital role for Design Industries. Not only does it help with the workload but also gives us the ability to mould these young minds and prepare them for the years to come. Elliot is the youngest member of the JD team and what he …

Joe GubatangaWho Is Elliot Vandermark?
The Hulk

Who Is Colin Carlton?

With a Bachelor in Applied Science (IT) and 8 years experience as an in house PHP developer saw Colin ready to tackle the next adventure in his career. Starting at Design Industries as a developer and progressing to becoming a Project Lead sees Colin continually improving and assisting his clients. Colin’s day begins with going through his JIRA tasks and …

Joe GubatangaWho Is Colin Carlton?

Who Is Justin Paramanandan?

Being one of the newest members to join the DI team Justin has wasted no time in assimilating to the work at hand. Whilst searching through the Atlassian Experts page on the Atlassian site is where Justin first came across DI. Justin has extensive knowledge when it comes to Atlassian, having been an Atlassian JIRA and JIRA Agile Application Engineer …

Joe GubatangaWho Is Justin Paramanandan?
Jean Grey

Who is Adelle McDonald?

Adelle may be the newest member to join Design Industries but she is far from being unprepared and inexperienced to the job at hand. Being an Atlassian Expert, Adelle’s daily focus is to help other companies build competencies and merge the multiple Atlassian sites into an enterprise focus. “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…” Super Hero skills Having been the Manager of Atlassian …

Joe GubatangaWho is Adelle McDonald?
The Flash

Who Is Josh Strahl?

Whilst taking part in work experience through school Josh found himself at Design Industries. About nine months later Josh still continues to gain further knowledge within the company, being apart of the Junior Development Team. It’s never too young to begin a career within this industry as the late Whitney sung, “I believe the children are the future”, teach them …

Joe GubatangaWho Is Josh Strahl?

Who Is Joe Gubatanga?

Having been on the other end of the spectrum as a client Joe found himself with the opportunity to take the blue pill or the red pill. “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show …

Joe GubatangaWho Is Joe Gubatanga?

Who Is Peter Macdonald?

Super Hero skills From working at Mazda Australia for 11 years to Sensis for 13 years and most recently at CGU Insurance, Peter is now the new kid on the block as DI’s Atlassian Configuration Analyst. What he brings with years of experience working for large corporations he matches with his tremendous amount of knowledge in business processes. With his …

Joe GubatangaWho Is Peter Macdonald?