Sumo Logic, Puppet Labs, Atlassian

Atlassian, Puppet Labs and Sumo Logic: A unique and powerful set of partnerships with Design Industries

Design Industries believes in making software easier to use and simpler to manage so that your business can focus on generating value. We have a passion for systems that save time, increase productivity and deliver reliable results that can be tracked with high visibility. We have a long history working with Australia’s most innovative organisations to ensure their software and …

Sam PascuaAtlassian, Puppet Labs and Sumo Logic: A unique and powerful set of partnerships with Design Industries
Time To Upgrade

The Importance Of Upgrading

Why should I Upgrade/Update Whether it’s security patches; the dreaded ‘bug’ fixes; feature enhancements; or increased functionality there’s no escaping the fact that digital equipment and software will need to be upgraded over time. While some people may yearn for a world where software is implemented only once – the continual march of technological advancement means that upgrades, updates and …

Joe GubatangaThe Importance Of Upgrading
Apple iPod Evolution

The Evolution of the Apple iPod

A lot can change in about 15 years… A lot can change in 15 years… The Apple iPod started off as a simple digital media player with a monochrome display and non-touch screen. It is now a powerful mini pocket computer and gaming device enjoyed by young and old. Imagine handing the 2001 Apple IPod to a child today. You …

Joe GubatangaThe Evolution of the Apple iPod
duck duck go

Ducking Under the Filter Bubble

Google is omnipresent: it knows who we are and where we live. But do we really understand the extent and pervasiveness of its knowledge? Complex algorithms determine what we see during our internet travels, via searches or newsfeeds. Yet often what we don’t see is just as important to us getting a more complete picture or challenging our ideas. The …

Sam PascuaDucking Under the Filter Bubble
New Google technology

New Google technology gets in your face

Since the concept preview of Project Glass was released last week it has been the talk of the tech-town.   If you don’t know what I’m referring to, Google has unveiled a prototype that if successful, could change the way we view life – through augmented reality glasses. A short video takes the POV of a person wearing the glasses. …

Sam PascuaNew Google technology gets in your face

google SearchwikiVideo disabled

Google SearchWiki

Has anyone noticed the small new feature Google has released that has the potential to influence overall search results? We assume this has probably gone unnoticed by many, especially those without Google accounts. The new feature is called SearchWiki and it allows users that are logged in to rank up, remove and if they like comment on search results. Google …

Sam PascuaGoogle SearchWiki

Vote against Labor’s Censorship filter

Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) today welcomed an announcement by Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey that the coalition will oppose any move to legislate mandatory internet censorship in Australia. On Thursday’s Hack program on Triple J radio, Mr Hockey stated that “we believe the internet filter will not work and we believe it’s flawed policy.” A mandatory censorship scheme remains Government policy. …

Sam PascuaVote against Labor’s Censorship filter