Melbourne Design Industries Atlassian Meetup

Date: Wednesday 15th March 2017
Time: 6-7 pm with Food and Beverages
Where: Design Industry Offices, Lv 1, 268 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne

A monthly event with food and drink for all things Atlassian in your life!

Tell the room what’s bugging you, then collectively we vote for which issue to talk through, spend ten minutes on it sharing and then keep going with that or move on to another issue.

Additionally we’ll give a quick overview of the various vendors that have turned up to Design Industries wanting us to partner with them and offer up their latest whizz bang Atlassian plugin; it will save you a lot of time doing your own research and give you a toe in the water to the latest developments in Atlassian land.

I’m confident your peers and colleagues would really value your input and we’d love to see you – would you join us?

Joe GubatangaEvents