How not to get stung when using ‘professional’ web development services

By August 6, 2012Blog, eCommerce

We have had far too many businesses approach us to help them fix botched websites built by so-called professionals. We are sad to say that the web development industry in Australia is relatively new and poorly regulated. So there are too many cowboy web companies operating that are out of their depth, have no regard for best practice, cut too many corners and simply can’t / won’t provide the services they promise and you fork out for.

A scarily high proportion of our clients approach us to fix the havoc other developers have caused.  Stories of broken sites, horribly overblown budgets, promises not delivered, sites riddled with bugs, previously functioning sites destroyed. Devastating.

Not only does this hurt business owners bank balances, it costs sales and hurts the brand. Devastatingly, often expensive systems are rendered so useless and they need to be completely rebuilt – costing more time, money and heartache. Ouch. Yes we’ve heard it all.


We recommend that you have a read of Smart Company’s recently published tips for engaging a  self-professed professional’ to build a successful, functioning  website for your business.

And please heed the warnings – there are a lot of web development cowboys operating out there! Developing your online presence is far too much of an important investment to risk.


Watch this space! We will be posting more tips and advice to ensure you get your web systems built right.

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