How to create a thriving self-service customer community

By June 28, 2012Blog, Help Desk

The advantages of building a customer community

Building a self-service community is about creating a space where customers can find information and answers for themselves. The potential advantages are many: easing the load of your support team, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Get it wrong and it can have the opposite effect.

Recently the Software Advice blog posted a video tutorial about necessary elements of a self-service customer community – beyond merely building forums and knowledge shares.

JD Peterson, Vice President of Product Marketing, for leading help desk software, Zendesk, shared four crucial tips:

Prioritise usability and functionality

This includes applying best practice for layout and structure.

Include elements of gamification to increase engagement such as leader boards, scores, badges and rewards all recognising and encouraging user contribution.

Ensure that users can easily exit

Users need an easy and visible way to exit and access other channels such as phone, email and live chat services (that are just as important as a community).

Your company must be active participants of the community

The company needs to be listening and moderating, providing recognition and support.

Timely responses are essential and so is responding to customer feedback such as feature requests and bugs.

Use measurement and analytics tools

Measuring and analysing trends, popular topics, engagement levels mean that you can adapt content and your product where necessary.

All of this works to improve customer engagement and satisfaction and ultimately your efficiency.

Sounds easy, huh?

Zendesk is  Design Industries‘  help desk software of choice. We love its capability to assist companies build better relationships including through building a self-service customer community.

We can make it creating a customer service community even easier by providing a customised Zendesk integration for your customer service needs.

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About Zendesk

Zendesk enables customer engagement and through listening and responding to your customers you can improve satisfaction and efficiency. Win-win. Zendesk can be fully integrated with your businesses other systems such CRM, ERP, project management and social media. You can improve workflow and increase efficiencies be analysing the data Zendesk provides.

Thanks to Software Advice for providing us with this useful whiteboard session.

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