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Organic search engine marketing is a search engine-marketing tool that uses keyword research and relevant content strategies to put the website’s URL in the top listings of the search engine without being paid by the advertiser to do so. Surveys reveal that almost 70 percent of the net users’ traffic use Organic Search Engine results to visit at least one new site daily. This makes it an important marketing tool to drive concentrated traffic to your site and use it effectively to market the business on line.

How Search Engine Marketing (SEM) works?

Organic listings, also known as natural or “ethical” listings, are the ones that are not paid listings. They appear in the search engine result because the search engines have decided that their content is relevant to the search being made by the user.

In order for a site to be deemed relevant content-wise, Search Engine Marketing firms do extensive profiling on keywords that are being searched in regard to the website they want to promote. These keywords are then carefully planted all over the site so as to catch the attention of the Search engines. The entire content of the website is then written with the keywords in mind.

The trick here is not to overdo the keyword bit or the site will be labeled as spam!
Links within a website make the site editorially important and easier for Search Engines to pick them up. The more links point to a website, the more relevant a search engine will consider it and then place it higher on its results page.

Why Organic Search Engines work better?

It has been seen that organic search engine results are trusted more by users than paid advertisements or listings. The mindset being that the listings are unbiased and fair and will give better results .In fact a survey found out that out of a group of 100 net users 86 prefer sites listed in natural or organic searches than those that pop by through paid advertisements. The same survey also showed that 30 out of the 100 participants were rather annoyed by the paid listings when they showed up and never ever went to any of those sites!

The importance of SEM firms

Advertisers can turn to professional website design companies to help them get the right keywords and get high listings on the free search engines’ results.

Some times however advertisers and marketers in their rush for great results place some hidden keywords; text etc that may cause “over optimization” and the site might get banned.

Organic search engine marketing is a wonderful and powerful tool that comes free of cost but needs to be used judiciously.

Paid search engine marketing, on the other hand, is marketing through paid advertisements through Google ad words or Yahoo Search marketing etc. for listing of their web links under sponsored pages.

The cost of these paid advertisements has been on the rise while the traffic on these sites has been decreasing rapidly which makes them a rather uneconomical option. This trend has forced marketers the world over to look at Organic Search engine advertising to divert traffic to their websites.

There is something about the blogs…

Search engines on a whole prefer blogs to static web pages. Blogs often get higher rankings than web pages and pop up faster than a normal web site. If all other factors like design, outlay, content etc are equal, yet a blog gets precedence over a web page. However, not everything is dismal for the static web page advertiser.

Blogs generally benefit from the use of plug-ins, to become very search engine friendly. In fact, a “power blog” is a Word Press blog that has SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) links and this can be installed to be used as a platform for social marketing as well. This is called using the power of a blog to market a site without really paying for the site listing!

How that helps?

When you use a blog as your display place, you are no longer dependant only on Google or Yahoo Search engines to pick up your link. Instead, the RSS ( Really Simple Syndication) that blogs use will make sure that visitors from other websites who are syndicating the content on your blogs also bring in more guests and get greater number of links to your site. You will have multiple streams of traffic to your site then.

Link Up!

Another key factor in attracting traffic is to have links in your site. The number of links
In your site plays a huge role in getting high rankings in the Google Search engine.

The “Trackback” option in wordpress allows you to link upon with other websites for free.

The long and short of it!

In marketing as in other business processes, you need to have a clear understanding of the keywords i.e. which words describe your site or your business the best! Using wrong or inappropriate key words can deflect traffic to other sites.

Now to come to the next important part, should the key words be short or long ? Generally, the Keyword Phrases are short and highly competitive which means that many other websites are using them as their keywords, hence selecting the right keyword phrase to get the best results is very important.

Remember that all Organic Search engines depend on Keywords for ranking the sites and hence chose them after a lot of deliberation.

After selecting your short base keywords, you will require long key words too.
For example if you are a content providing firm then “content writing” could be your short key word phrase and “technical content writing for engineering” could be a long key word phrase.

Once you have decided upon your long phrase keywords then start marketing your business or site using free organic search marketing.

The mainframe for this kind of marketing is “unique content creation”. Search engines will pick the links only when the content in it is Unique , something that it does not find in most other websites. It does not matter if it is a long article, blog post, blog comment, forum post, or a video; what matters is it’s “specialness” in comparison to the deluge of sites on the internet!

“You are capable of what your keywords are capable of!”

The major focus in getting maximum momentum from search engines is to use your keywords wisely and effectively.
In fact with the Search engines getting keyword savvy, it is not only enough to have good keywords, but also important to take a more encompassing view at the entire page and its editorial contents

Basically, when creating your unique content use synonyms for your target keyword wherever it is natural. Do not over stuff keywords in your site, just use it where it comes naturally and where it makes sense.

This concept of social marketing applies to postings on blogs, social networking and news marketing, all alike.

Use these Internet Marketing strategies to get the maximum advantage from Organic search engines which can really boost up the traffic to your site, blogs or network and help you achieve your business goals without even paying for it!

Social marketing includes posting on social networking, social news and social book marking websites and use blogging too for your marketing advantage.

Whether you are a marketer, affiliate, professional blogger or super-affiliate, search engine marketing should be on your “Must do List”.
Finally in the race of rankings it is important that you leave your competitors far behind in the free search engine results and bring in greater traffic and higher returns on investments; rather than shell out loads of dollars for a paid advertisement!

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