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Are you faced with the challenges of a large, complex organisation?

Transparency and accountability across systems have been the holy grail for a long time – these days, it’s a reality; from portfolio, through projects and right down to individual lines of code.

The key is enabling Atlassian’s powerful toolkit and at Design Industries, we have proven implementation strategies, effective integration and rapid delivery –

They are packed in our ‘Atlassian Configuration Sets’ and they are ready for you.


Understand the technology your organisation needs to survive and prosper, profitably



Gain transparency, define initiatives aligned with strategy, report on actual work done



The value you are seeking with the efficiency you demand - that is what we do


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If you're on this page, you know the power of Atlassian, are you ready to roll?


Want to know more?

With Atlassian’s built in tracking, workflow and collaboration features your teams will capture, resolve and deliver even more effectively.

Atlassian tools create great team dynamics and effective project management – whether you need detailed workflow, task and project management or higher level portfolio management with transparency across multiple projects, Design Industries have the Atlassian expertise to get you there.

Design Industries can align your Atlassian experience perfectly with your business goals.  Teamed with our strategic approach to implementation, our proven experience across the range of tools and products will help your business drive down costs and optimise project and operational teams.

Beyond software development, and into every corner of your business, let Design Industries show you what a difference Atlassian can make to workflow, collaboration, delivery, reporting and growth – from your Marketing Department, to Human Resources and all the way up to your senior management teams.

Atlassian is easy to set up; it fosters collaboration and effective delivery with features that make it easy to deliver agile, effective results.

Heard enough?  Realistically, the possibilities available with this powerful toolset can be overwhelming – we’ve practiced, implemented and developed it to remove the hassle and meet your requirements right out of the box – that’s why Design Industries should be your next call.