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DeepBlueSky’s FindMeByIP is a great little site that will help all web designers and their clients to understand why some  sites look different on different browser even if they are built using web standards  

Sam PascuaBrowser Support

Firefox 3.5 Will Arrive June 30

Mozilla will release the next major version of Firefox on Tuesday, June 30, Webmonkey has learned. Mozilla confirmed the news Friday afternoon. The company previously made a promise that it would make the browser available for download “by the end of June” this year. Since next Tuesday falls on the last day of the month, Mozilla is sticking to its …

Sam PascuaFirefox 3.5 Will Arrive June 30

Sniffing Browser History Without Javascript

Slashdot alerts us to a somewhat alarming technology demonstration, in which a Web site you visit generates a pretty good list of sites you have visited — without requiring JavaScript. NoScript will not protect you here. The only obvious drawbacks to this method are that it puts a load on your browser, and that it requires a list of Web …

Sam PascuaSniffing Browser History Without Javascript

Great new stats tool – Web Site Tracking

StatCounter has announce the launch of our new free Global Stats tool. The tool records market share of Search Engines, Browsers and Operating Systems including mobile. StatCounter Global Stats can be used to monitor issues such as: how Google’s new browser Chrome is doing against Microsoft Internet Explorer how the iPhone is succeeding against traditional market leader Nokia in the …

Sam PascuaGreat new stats tool – Web Site Tracking

How Will the New Browsers Display Your Website?

If your website was created more than a few months ago, now is the time to have it reviewed for compatibility with the latest browsers. Recent releases like Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3, Google Chrome and Safari 4 offer great improvements in the browsing experience, but they also present challenges for existing websites that were built to meet the technical …

Sam PascuaHow Will the New Browsers Display Your Website?

Can You Imagine the Web in 20 Years?

The late Eighties! Mike and the Mechanics were at the top of the charts, George Bush, Senior had just become President of the US, and a CERN contractor by the name of Tim Berners-Lee was busy writing a little paper entitled Information Management: A Proposal. In it he described a way to simplify the sharing of information among people in …

Sam PascuaCan You Imagine the Web in 20 Years?