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What Are Your Keywords Worth?

How much are your keywords worth? For many businesses, a key objective of online marketing is to rank as high as possible within the Google search engine. Whether it is through organic search results or paid advertising – a lot of the traction for Google’s algorithm is based on keywords and content. Frequent monitoring and updates of your businesses’ keywords …

Joe GubatangaWhat Are Your Keywords Worth?
tile people

The Tile People – Custom Developed Web Site

The Tile People is a group of like-minded independent store owners who pledge to give their customers the best service, advice, quality, and value for their money. It is now one of Australia’s largest tile supplier businesses, with 17 stores throughout Melbourne and Victoria and more opening soon.

Sam PascuaThe Tile People – Custom Developed Web Site
google yahoo bing

Tracking your Website with Google, Yahoo & Bing

Are you or your web manager tracking your site on the major search engines? We are big supporters of using Google Webmaster Tools, Bing’s Webmasters Tools and Yahoo Site Explorer to upload XML Sitemaps and track the ways the different search engines are indexing our own and our client’s sites. Google Webmaster Tools lets web managers control their Sitelinks which …

Sam PascuaTracking your Website with Google, Yahoo & Bing
magento eCommerce

Is Magento the right eCommerce platform for your online buisness?

  When Magento was released in early 2008, it was met with excitement and interest from e-commerce site developers around the world. It quickly became the preferred software option for mid-range ecommerce sites due to its powerful administrative features and functionality. As Armando Roggio states on, “Magento’s feature list is clearly the result of years of ecommerce experience. The …

Sam PascuaIs Magento the right eCommerce platform for your online buisness?

Search Engine Optimisation Tips

Create as much content on your site as possible. The more content, the better. Of course the content needs to be of good quality. Basically, a search engine will view a 50 page site to be more important than a 5 page site. Here are some ideas as to what can be used for additional content: Educational Content Adding useful …

Sam PascuaSearch Engine Optimisation Tips

Prime Electrical & Data – Web Development

Prime Electrical & Data approached Design Industries to redesign their existing website in order to create a compelling web presence that would allow clients to view previous work and the large client list the Prime has been proud to work with over the 22 years they have been in business.

Sam PascuaPrime Electrical & Data – Web Development

A beginners guide to acquiring customers

How to Build Your Customers Base You’ve designed a wonderful new product, packaged it, and created an affordable pricing system. The only problem is, there aren’t any customers! In an ideal world, customers would magically appear, but in reality business owners have to work a little harder to attract new customers, especially if you want to conduct your sales online. …

Sam PascuaA beginners guide to acquiring customers