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The internet to be censored in the US.

The US is following suit with countries such as China, Korea and Australia with the introduction of laws to censor the web and the voice of freedom. The Americans just as Australians are allowing their government to take away their civil liberties and their right to freedom of speech and the ability to gather news stories from non traditional media. …

Sam PascuaThe internet to be censored in the US.
Internet filterVideo disabled

It’s time to tell mum – GREAT video

The Australian Federal Government is about to introduce mandatory internet filtering. If implemented it will make Australia the most heavily censored country in the western world. They’ve told us it’s to protect the kids but the truth is it doesn’t. By telling your mum the facts you will help her realise that if she really wants to protect kids online,mandatory filtering …

Sam PascuaIt’s time to tell mum – GREAT video

Google to leave Australia over ‘evil’ filter

What a great April fools article and at the same time an important political message agasint the attack on Australian freedoms over the net by the Rudd Government and Communications Minister Stephen Conroy. ——————–   (Credit: Google will close its Australian operations, effectively blacklisting the country in response to the Federal Government’s “evil” plan to filter the internet. Goooone …

Sam PascuaGoogle to leave Australia over ‘evil’ filter

Google Liquid Galaxy Live Demo

now this look very cool to play with GOOGLE has unveiled one of the greatest toys ever – a virtual glass elevator that lets you fly around the world. Made by a few of the engineers in their spare time, the Liquid Galaxy project is an interactive booth with wraparound LCD screens. The screens show synchronised views from Google Earth …

Sam PascuaGoogle Liquid Galaxy Live Demo