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Keep your customers coming back for more, with Zendesk

Poor customer service is a great way to lose customers. And even the best customer service tools can be ineffective unless they align with the overall business and customer satisfaction goals of your site. At Design Industries, our Zendesk consultants know that getting it right means getting the right advice- and our advice is based on years of integration experience …

Sam PascuaKeep your customers coming back for more, with Zendesk
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Ready to do more than scratch the surface with Zendesk?

It’s pretty much the most sophisticated support tool around. Can we say that? Well, we’re saying it anyway.  Zendesk is a very sophisticated support platform, and it’s also beautifully simple. And with Zendesk Apps and integration capabilities, you have better options than ever for customisation and integration with your existing online systems and databases. But why stop there? As authorised …

Sam PascuaReady to do more than scratch the surface with Zendesk?
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Great customer service – who needs it?

So, the great thing about having an online or offline shop is that it lets people just buy stuff without bothering you, right? Wrong! If you’re selling from an eCommerce platform, your customer service (CS) can be critically important. In concrete retail, a customer will hail a service assistant if they have a query about products, a policy question (returns, …

Sam PascuaGreat customer service – who needs it?
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Connecting Sales & Support with Zendesk

With Zendesk, you don’t have to just imagine better communication and a more integrated workflow for your sales and support teams because with the help of Design Industries Zendesk consultant, it’s a reality. Great for your sales and support teams; great for business. Zendesk integrations with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform could make those traditional tensions between two of …

Sam PascuaConnecting Sales & Support with Zendesk
No cart left behind

How to avoid shopping cart abandonment

Some 67 percent of shopping carts get abandoned by online shoppers before purchase is completed. Ouch. If you are a merchant with an online store and have already done the hard miles of attracting and inspiring your customers having customers starting the buying process but ditching it before the end,  hurts. Rather than chasing more and more leads, if you …

Sam PascuaHow to avoid shopping cart abandonment

How to create a thriving self-service customer community

The advantages of building a customer community Building a self-service community is about creating a space where customers can find information and answers for themselves. The potential advantages are many: easing the load of your support team, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Get it wrong and it can have the opposite effect. Recently the Software Advice blog posted a video tutorial …

Sam PascuaHow to create a thriving self-service customer community
Zendesk and JIRA

Zendesk and JIRA link arms and tighten grip on bugs

The marriage between JIRA, the Mortein of bug tracking, and Zendesk, the Help Desk superhero, has been given a revamp. The update ensures that their forces combined are bugs’ worst nightmare. Zendesk recently posted on their blog. Ah-ha, indeed, combating bugs and tracking multiple projects – often using multiple business tools – often doesn’t go smoothly.  Yep, don’t we know …

Sam PascuaZendesk and JIRA link arms and tighten grip on bugs

The Myth of Usability Testing

In 1998, usability expert Rolf Molich (co-inventor with Jakob Nielsen of the heuristic evaluation method) gave nine teams three weeks to evaluate the webmail application www.hotmail.com. The experiment was part of his series of Comparative Usability Evaluations (CUEs), through which he began to identify a set of standards and best practices for usability tests. In each segment of the series, …

Sam PascuaThe Myth of Usability Testing