Powerful customer support with Zendesk

Building better customer relationships

Building a higher level of customer satisfaction will improve your relationships and, ultimately, your business’ success. Finding an effective helpdesk software system is an investment in your business’ success. We’d go as far to say if you have customers, then you need Zendesk, the leading customer help desk software.

Zendesk powers the support departments of around 20,000 companies worldwide, meaning that 65 million customers are being helped through Zendesk.

Implementing and configuring your Zendesk is a critical investment that you need to get right – it should only be managed by experts. At Design Industries, we are trusted and experienced Zendesk masters. We understand the dynamics behind listening, responding and pleasing your customers much more than ever before in a cost-effective, easy and quick way.

We also know how important it is for your customer service functions to operate smoothly and avoid slow response times. Helpdesk agents using Zendesk as a tool for you are armed with the advantage of having an easy-to-use, lightning-fast interface that will keep them productive, focused on and better equipped to help customers. Support requests can easily be prioritised and collaborated on so your customers get accurate and timely responses.

As Zendesk is a cloud-based solution your business will be able to provide unwaveringly reliable and always exceptional customer support anytime, anywhere. Strong reporting and analytic functions will give you the power to access the key metrics you can use to make workflow improvements and increase efficiencies across your whole company.

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We understand the intricate workings of Zendesk and how to make your customers love you.

Zendesk Integrations: A Strategic Benefit

We believe in the power of leveraging Zendesk across your business processes by integrating with other tools such as:

  • CRM
    • Salesforce; SugarCRM; Microsoft Dynamics; NetSuite; Get Satisfaction
  • e-Commerce
    • Magento
  • Social Media Channels
    • Facebook, Twitter, Yammer
  • Social Media Dashboards
    • Hootsuite, Sprout Social, SurveyMoneky, MediaFunnel, Facebook, Twitter
  • e-Newsletter
    • Active Campaign, MailChimp, GetResponse
  • CMS
    • Drupal, Joomla and WordPress
  • Management Tools
    • Basecamp, GoToAssist, JIRA, Harvest, FreshBooks, Logmein
  • Analytics
    • Google Analytics


To give you the best return on your investment, we will tweak and adapt, Zendesk, the leading helpdesk software to your and, more importantly, your customers’ needs.

We are proponents of creating ‘co-operation’ between all systems of a business so that they complement each other and create a streamlined efficiency. We are experts dedicated to delivering this help desk platform in such a way that you can use it for positive, profitable outcomes.

Having these tools working together has enormous strategic benefits that can be measured. Your different departments’ systems can feedback into each other to create stronger operations, communications and level of service.

Integrate Zendesk with all systems from Salesforce to Twitter to build a well-oiled, efficient business with happy customers.

Zendesk and Design Industries

Design Industries specialises in helping clients analyse their online needs and Zendesk can be an integral part of the solution. You can count on us to get your Zendesk properly established and tweaked to make the most of the powerful web-based solution.

We ensure Zendesk is customised to achieve the best results. To do so we always follow best practice and apply our know-how gained from having implemented Zendesk for a range of clients from a range of industries.

Our experienced and dedicated developers are Zendesk enthusiasts that know how to deliver results. Our Melbourne-based team will:

  • Implement, set-up and configure the powerful and centralised ticket management system.
  • Enable all the interactions that you have with customers to be organised, findable and always searchable.
  • Help you to close the loop between support and other departments.
  • Develop any of the custom requirements that your project and its particular challenges, extending Zendesk’s capabilities and streamlining your support cycle.
  • Integrate Zendesk with all the third party systems that you require.
  • Align Zendesk with your business infrastructure and processes to create true, streamlined efficiency.
  • Provide full service consulting, support and technical assistance that you need for your Zendesk project.
  • Help you create an online community for customers, employees and partners where they can find answers and create conversations by building discussion forums and a knowledge base.

The end result?

By employing Zendesk, your end-user can receive better support and service.

After we are finished, our help desk will operate with the calmness of a true Zen and your business is working smoothly and intelligently, meaning that everyone walks away more satisfied.

Find out more about developing a profitable online business with Zendesk.

Research has found the 91 percent of decision-makers said improving their customers’ experience was a mission-critical goal.
Research has found the 91 percent of decision-makers said improving their customers’ experience was a mission-critical goal.
  • Enable customers to engage and converse with you via whichever support channels you’d like including web, email, phone, Twitter, Facebook, iPhone and iPad, other smartphone and tablets, online chat, forums and knowledge bases.
  • Provide insights, through the accurate tracking and analysis of your customer service and support activities, that you can use to improve your support and business operations.
  • Make sure the migration from your existing help desk is smooth and seamless.
  • Ensure that your helpdesk looks and feels like you, with your branding, logos and colour and have it appear as if it is your own website.
  • Hand over the reins with comprehensive training and support.