The growth of online shopping continues

By July 27, 2012Blog, eCommerce
Digital Media Research infographic

Will you be a part of it?

It is no outrageous prophecy to say in the coming years online spending  in Australia is only going to get bigger.

The 2012 Digital Media Research Report, recently released by PWC and Frost Sullivan, has come up with the numbers to back up what everybody suspects.

Our current online spend is $16 billion and is set to grow to $26.9 billion in the next four years.  While we are getting more net shopping savvy, we haven’t yet caught up to the trailblazing UK whose online spending is the highest in the world- accounting  for 10.7% of total retail spending – Australia now sits at 6.3%.

Online, we prefer to buy clothes and electronics, closely followed by books and recreational materials. Growth areas to watch out for are food/groceries and alcohol as well as jewellery, accessories and more clothing .  Price is the most important factor for shopping online followed by the convenience and range that e-commerce offers

Yes and you guessed it, shopping via mobile devices and tablets continue to grow, no surprise given that most Aussies now have a smart phone.

For more info read the full report.

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