The Importance Of Upgrading

By August 12, 2015Blog, eCommerce, Technology
Time To Upgrade

Why should I Upgrade/Update

Whether it’s security patches; the dreaded ‘bug’ fixes; feature enhancements; or increased functionality there’s no escaping the fact that digital equipment and software will need to be upgraded over time. While some people may yearn for a world where software is implemented only once – the continual march of technological advancement means that upgrades, updates and patches are here to stay.

There are major benefits in keeping up-to-date with the latest version/model of the hardware or software one uses – from the obvious (like improvements in performance) through to the less apparent but equally important (like compliance with laws and regulations).

No Matter How Big Or Small

Whether you are a large ‘Fortune 500′ company or the local corner convenience store – change is constant. If you approach updates in an ad hoc fashion, you can find yourself multiple steps behind, making the eventual change harder, longer and more expensive to implement. This is especially the case when you factor in all the integrated technologies in your computing environment that impact on one another: emails, browsers, calendars, operating systems – the list can go on and on.

6-reasons-to-upgrading-your-software [Image by dullhunk via Flickr]

There’s No Time Like The Present

Given that upgrades and updates are inevitable, it is worthwhile becoming familiar with the software and hardware you currently use to determine the ongoing costs and benefits of maintaining the latest versions. There are many licensing and purchasing models, giving you options to choose the best fit for your circumstances.

Many users adopt the ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach. While this may apply perfectly well to many other products, it is not recommended for software. Security and privacy are just two of the common enhancements that may go unnoticed. In a worst-case scenario, the system that you continue to use past its use-by-date could become obsolete – resulting in data migrations and compulsory upgrades that are costly and time-consuming.

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