The Twitter / WordPress test

By August 3, 2009Blog, Marketing

Ok so I have read my new social media book, Groundswell and I am a true convert. It blew me away, loved almost every moment. The final chapter on the “future” ways we will interact sent a shiver up my spine however 99% of the book was eye opening, in a good way.

So here I was updating our blog and thought I set up that twitter account a while back and apart from that one post with the ground breaking news of  “sending our new newsletter….” not much else has happened. Therefore I made the decision to start posting some tweets, so far so good, a few got posted today and I am all content with the small yet now due to  my insight knowledge important first steps 🙂

I decided to go one further surely there was a simple WordPress plugin to link my Twitter account and my blog to make the interaction and posting a far easier process, and that is where the Groundswell found trouble. The plugin was easy to install like most WordPress plugins are, but it simply does not work.  Well it does not work as I write this blog, which is in fact also a final test for the Twitter plugin, after this it is disable time…

So either you will see our new little right column Twitter plugin or you won’t.


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