Who Is Colin Carlton?

By June 23, 2015Blog, DI News
The Hulk

With a Bachelor in Applied Science (IT) and 8 years experience as an in house PHP developer saw Colin ready to tackle the next adventure in his career. Starting at Design Industries as a developer and progressing to becoming a Project Lead sees Colin continually improving and assisting his clients. Colin’s day begins with going through his JIRA tasks and ensuring that they are progressing in the right direction, adding comments as required and following up developers via HipChat.

Colin is a goal focused, analytical and sometimes stubborn individual, but with good reason. If you put a problem in front of Colin his determination and problem solving ability he will find a way through it or around it. This dedication in resolving issues comes in particularly handy when those nasty bugs or glitches are found within certain developments.

By taking pride in his work combined with his calm demeanour bodes well for when Colin is gaming it up.

The next major adventure Colin is faced with his fatherhood. It all makes sense now, Colin wishes to have the power of teleportation – which will give him more time to spend with his friends and family and cut out all the travel time. Very resourceful indeed!

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