Who Is Elliot Vandermark?

By June 29, 2015Blog, DI News

The Junior Development Team or ‘JD’ team as we call it in the office plays a vital role for Design Industries. Not only does it help with the workload but also gives us the ability to mould these young minds and prepare them for the years to come.

Elliot is the youngest member of the JD team and what he lacks in age he makes up for with his hard work and dedication to the task at hand. Being only in Year 9 Elliot has developed a strong work ethic and makes this abundantly clear when coming into the office after school and even on his holidays.

The focus of work Elliot performs is usually with the Atlassian Stack. As the Digital space is so diverse and forever changing it’s great to see Elliot able to work through his assigned JIRA tasks via his Personal Action Plan.

As a 16 year old… (ahh those were the days) Elliot isn’t all about work – he plays soccer (Futbol for those enthusiasts in the office), enjoys gaming, camping and fishing. An all-round typical teenager with a good a head on his shoulders. 

With Elliot’s schooling, the work at DI and all his interests one may ask how does he fit it all in – Elliot doesn’t like to waste his time fiddling his thumbs, he’s a young go getter!

Work Hard… Play Hard!

Spiderman seemed like a good fit for Elliot. Peter Parker managed to work hard as a photo journalist and play hard saving lives every other day. Like a few of the team at DI teleportation for a superpower was chosen by Elliot as he wouldn’t have to spend time travelling to and from where his life leads.

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