Who is Gabriel Garcia?

By April 28, 2015Blog, DI News

For almost 10 years Gabriel Garcia or more commonly known around the office as ‘Gaby’ has honoured us with his presence. By stumbling upon a job vacancy for Design Industries on an IT Board Gaby started as a Software Developer – 5 years on and he then progressed to Software Engineer – another 5 years on and Gaby still continues to play a major role within the business.

With a Masters Degree in Software Engineering plus having worked as a Lead Programmer, a Systems Administrator for several years and not to mention being a previous owner of an IT business has prepared Gaby to be one of DI’s go to guys.

Gaby’s vast amount of knowledge and experience allows him to produce quotes and review estimations, create technical scoping for new projects plus integrate new software and tools that are useful for the company and clients alike. With so many things on the go Atlassian’s HipChat is one of many utilised by Gaby to quickly interact with the team and also clients.

By being a patient, humble and trustworthy person, Gaby is seen around the office as an all-round nice guy. This probably equates to him also being happily married for 11 years. Gaby’s interest like most are movies, music, travel, food and Futbol (not footy – sorry Steven).  

“Be in peace, solve problems that I can, don’t bother for the ones I cannot”

All this being said it is quite apparent why Gaby chose Captain Harlock as his superhero. Captain Harlock is the archetypical Romantic hero, who is noble as he is taciturn, rebellious, stoically fighting against totalitarian regimes.  In other words he fights for no one’s sake… only for something deep in his heart.

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