Who Is Josh Strahl?

By June 1, 2015Blog, DI News
The Flash

Whilst taking part in work experience through school Josh found himself at Design Industries. About nine months later Josh still continues to gain further knowledge within the company, being apart of the Junior Development Team. It’s never too young to begin a career within this industry as the late Whitney sung, “I believe the children are the future”, teach them well and let them lead the way.”

At DI the Atlassian Stack is the main focus point for Josh – whether it be editing macros in Confluence, configuring JIRA Service Desk to updating Workflows. There’s just no end to what Josh is capable of learning. By also studying at Chisolm Tafe, Josh is able to take on board what he has learnt and apply it to both instances.

You would think from studying and working with computers all day that this would deter Josh from wanting to see another system when he gets home. This is definitely not the case, in his spare time he loves to build PC’s, discover the workings of computer, networking and hardware plus gaining further knowledge in Electro Technology.

“Every day is a new day, whats in the past is in the past, so don’t let it affect your future.”

Being a bold, confident and outgoing teenager, Josh’s ambition is to build and configure his own CPU (Central Processing Unit) and/or GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). The rate he is going there’s nothing stopping him from achieving his goals.. unless you place the latest popular game in front of him. “Nothing comes between me and my games”… I guess we found his kryptonite!
Josh is not all about sitting in front of a monitor all day as he also does In-line Speed Skating 7 hours a week!

When asked as to what superhero he would want to posses and why Josh wisely suggested the power of Super-Intelligence, to be able to understand and practice all of life’s great mysteries. By having this ability to affect his own way of life and to others; to change the road that we are walking.

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