Who Is Justin Paramanandan?

By June 15, 2015Blog, DI News

Being one of the newest members to join the DI team Justin has wasted no time in assimilating to the work at hand. Whilst searching through the Atlassian Experts page on the Atlassian site is where Justin first came across DI.

Justin has extensive knowledge when it comes to Atlassian, having been an Atlassian JIRA and JIRA Agile Application Engineer in 2010, moving on to Atlassian Hosted and OnDemand Solutions Application Engineer, to Java Developer, System Analyst and Enterprise Application Engineer we are lucky to have him come on board.

“Forget what happen yesterday and prepare on what’s coming tomorrow.”

Even though it may only be a few months in since Justin has joined the DI team his days are filled with many varied tasks from checking on customized JIRA Dashboard for any issues to resolving any clients issues. Justin believes in getting the easiest job done first so he can utilize more time for the more complex ones later. A couple things that help Justin buckle down to tackle his tasks is by having in his headphones listening to Anime trance music (you may even catch him bopping along at his desk) – and of course the odd coffee or two isn’t too far away either.

Listening to Anime isn’t the only thing Justin enjoys, watching Anime/Manga, Gaming on Steam, toying around with Android and Linux and even cooking keeps Justin busy outside of work. It’s understandable that Justin’s hero of choice is an Anime character by the name of Simon. Much like Justin, Simon’s superhero power is not something extraordinary, but of something that comes up from within the human heart; the will to survive and never giving up despite the adversity and the odds against him.

Justin see’s himself as a passionate person who can at times come off as forceful in relaying his opinions across as Justin has said, probably due to his ego. This doesn’t deter him from being an investigative and agile person who contributes a great deal to the team.

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