Who Is Michael Dockery?

By May 12, 2015Blog, DI News
Iron Fist

What do Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs & Michael Dockery all have in common? Well we can think of a couple things: hard working and no college degree… Not to say further education isn’t necessary or vital to expanding one’s opportunities but Michael with his sheer determination and highly confident approach to life has seen him co-founded Design Industries.

Michael’s passion for knowledge and the desire to constantly learn translates to his daily work day. Whether it be discussing the benefits and opportunities of the Atlassian Stack or the forever evolving digital technology space Michael is able to provide examples for anyone to understand. Taking calls, answering emails, commenting on JIRA tasks or drawing up diagrams and notes on the whiteboard Michael’s knowledge isn’t wasted. Having the ability to translate his ideas and opinions to the team or clients creates a platform for success.

By having a customer base ranging from micro to the Government industry sector Michael doesn’t shy away from regularly finding opportunities to speak on agile development methodologies and as an Atlassian Enterprise Expert partner he is able to walk the walk and talk the talk to see businesses get off the ground.

When asked what superhero power you want to possess and why Michael suggested to control matter & time, why? Omnipotence. Who wouldn’t want to gain complete control and able to do anything that one chooses to do at any given time.

Analogies are usually referred to by Michael when he starts to divulge his passion over processes and benefits.

“Why take a slice when you can have the whole cake.”

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