Who is Min Yee Chin?

By July 2, 2015Blog, DI News

Going through the Atlassian Partners website is how Min Yee first came to know of Design Industries. We are lucky to have her come on board as she may just be a few months in as an Atlassian Configurator for DI but Min Yee has a total of 8 years experience working with the Atlassian stack. This includes but not limited to 4 years in Atlassian Support and even working directly within Atlassian for 2 years. 

Having gained so much knowledge of Atlassian Min Yee’s day consists of improving our internal JIRA and Confluence experience to fixing any issues that may arise by investigating the root cause of problems and rectifying them. Min Yee is able to juggle various tasks by prioritising projects based on urgency and priority.

Also by completing her Bachelor’s in Computer and Masters in IT at UTS Min Yee is able to apply all that she has learnt to the job at hand. Furthermore to learning and developing her knowledge of Atlassian one of her ambitions is to see her developed plugin in the Atlassian Marketplace (when and if she has time to develop one) that is.

Even though others may find Min Yee to have a quiet and shy nature (as she has heard over and over her whole life) her superhero power she has chosen to possess is the ability to teleport, not to save time on travel and being able to go places in a blink of an eye but to have fun and trick people. It seems Min Yee goes by the work hard, play hard mentality which is proven each day by her sharp observations when it comes to work and her fun playful nature.

“Just be yourself if you feel you are right. You don’t have to overdo to prove your capabilities, people will know them eventually.”

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