Who Is Peter Macdonald?

By May 13, 2015Blog, DI News

From working at Mazda Australia for 11 years to Sensis for 13 years and most recently at CGU Insurance, Peter is now the new kid on the block as DI’s Atlassian Configuration Analyst. What he brings with years of experience working for large corporations he matches with his tremendous amount of knowledge in business processes. With his days filled utilising Atlassian products, more so JIRA and Confluence for various clients keeps Peter a busy in the office.

Alike with many others Peter has been fortunate enough to gain experience and knowledge through hard work and dedication rather than further studies. Peter’s confidence (not to be misconstrued as egotistical – his words not mine) play a vital role in his accomplishments.

Apart from being a proud grandfather to a gorgeous little girl, Peter also enjoys abseiling, scouts and 4x4ing. “Live life to the fullest”, as he likes to put it. Fingers crossed though as for Peter he would love to retire… once he wins the lottery that is.

Not your more known superhero but a hero nonetheless – Captain Atom was a scientist who gained his abilities by accident when he was seemingly “atomized” and then reformed. Throughout the years Captain Atom has been featured in several different series and always becomes reinvented each time.  Through Peter’s many experiences and situations he gains strength each time, developing his skills and becoming more powerful.

“Knowledge is power…”

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