Who Is Sam Pascua?

By May 5, 2015Blog, DI News

Whilst living and working in Spain as a Graphic Designer Sam was invited to join Design Industries as a partner by three of his school friends.

From having worked as a waiter/bartender to a customer service/bank teller Sam then went on to pursue his interest with technology. Studying Design & Multimedia Communication in a private college in Madrid and then also working in Buenos Aires repairing and providing PC support prepared Sam for his Production Manager/Director role at Design Industries.

With the cogs always turning Sam also picked up from Scrum Alliance, certification in ScrumMaster and Scrum Product Owner (CSPO).

With the tools at the ready Sam’s day begins with reviewing his personal action plan in Confluence, making sure to keep the exceptions to a minimum, followed by checking up on his emails. From there Sam would jump into a resource meeting reviewing JIRA Agile rapid boards and using confluence to report. The daily stand up with the team would then take place before Sam would check on project reviews / retros / version & sprint planning / version releases using JIRA, JIRA Agile mainly. Whilst doing all of the above through out the day Sam is always assisting the team with blockers, risks and planning ahead to achieve the best possible results.

Sam’s calm nature and patience not to mention his many years experience within the industry he is able to utilise his problem solving skills within the office, always willing to lend a hand and share his knowledge with the team. Just make sure you don’t catch him going Michael Douglas from ‘Falling Down’ in the office.

Having such a hectic day Sam still manages to find time to tend to his 5 acre country lot. Working on the house and the garden keeps Sam busy.

“Live, love and relax.”

These three words that Sam lives by explains his ambition to semi-retire early to focus on enjoying life.

What would help Sam on his goal to focus on life is to gain the superhero power of time travel; learn from the past, change the future – save the world!

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