Deploying Atlassian quickly, operating effectively and having
well trained team members is possible – let us show you how!

“.. Deploying DI’s Atlassian Configuration Sets  increased our productivity by 30%, reduced error’s by 90% and changed our release cycle from monthly to daily! “

– IT manager, industrial software house (March 2016)

“..the theory of Risk and Issue management don’t change – but you can have the wrong tools – DI’s Atlassian Configuration Sets are intuitive, they were our first choice and they just work..”

– Program Manager, PMO for the relocation of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (April 2016)

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Atlassian Gold Solution Partners

Sometimes when you're faced with a huge project, it can feel like you have the weight of the world resting upon your shoulders. Having help from an Atlassian expert partner can lighten the load, so you spend less time dealing with technical problems and more time focusing on what you do best.

How we help as your Atlassian consultant

Atlassian provides a great suite of tools to help you and your teams blaze through tasks and hit your targets more effectively. These tools are only totally effective when they're used properly by every team member, and that's not something you can guarantee unless everyone has full familiarity with all of the technologies.

We make it easier to get everyone on the same page. We provide support through our Atlassian helpdesk, we provide training in all Atlassian products, and we help your teams understand how they can get the very best out of each individual Atlassian product.

Atlassian is the solution that makes tackling large projects easier, and Design Industries is the Atlassian expert partner that makes it all easy  to learn and use.

Mastering the basics is easy, and with the right training, your entire organization can move far beyond the basics to expert level knowledge. When there are any problems or a team member is uncertain how to achieve a particular task, we can provide an Atlassian consultant to give expert one-on-one advice or group training, depending on the need.

Atlassian Gold Solution Partner

When you aim for the highest levels of efficient Atlassian services in your business, you have a lot of options. Sometimes it can even seem like there are too many options. In truth, you can never have too many options, but learning to use them to their best advantage is where the true power of Atlassian tools can be found.

As your Atlassian partners, we're always ready to provide help and support, our skilled consultants, representing the best of Atlassian Gold Solution Partners 

Atlassian gold solution partners

We help all kinds of businesses to get the most from their Atlassian service subscriptions.

As Atlassian Enterprise Solution partners, our services are tailored to your level so you get exactly what you need, without any time wasted on things that don't apply to your situation.

Our goal is simply to be the best Atlassian partners for your business, so you can put these tools to work for you with complete confidence that your team can handle the task.

Help you can depend on through our Atlassian helpdesk

No problem is too great or too small for us to provide solutions for. It's our main mission, and one we take pride in delivering. As your Atlassian solution partners, we are always ready to help and we are always there for you. That's something you can depend on.

Design Industries are an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner that offers premium Atlassian support. We also offer a high level of Jira support & confluence software support.

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